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After being harassed by Mario Danic for several days to submit a paper to this year’s GUADEC, I caved in and did it. I had problems completing my registration but was rescued in the last minute by Thomas Wood!

If my paper gets selecte, my talk will be titled “Where the streets have no name: Getting more done with different localizations teams!”, and it will be based on my personal experience in coordinating the joint effort by the Brazilian GNOME and Ubuntu Localization teams during our race toward a 100% GNOME 2.18 Desktop in Brazilian Portuguese.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed! ;)

GNOME 2.18 DEsktop: 100% translated to Brazilian Portuguese!

We did it!

/me does Dora, the Explorer's dance!

GNOME 2.18 Desktop Applications are now completely translated to Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to the colaborative work between the Ubuntu and GNOME Brazilian teams! Now, the Ubuntu team will be working hard to make sure that everything is in sync so that Ubuntu Feisty Fawn will have a default look and feel in our language as well!

100% UI Translated to Brazilian Portuguese

I want to take this chance to congratulate all the hard work done by both teams, and recognize that together we removed a lot of redundancy in the process. We will be striving to finish the remaining GNOME packages, and hopefully have a 2.20 completely translated!

I will be working closely with the Debian localization team in the very near future to see if we can set up the same type of colaboration and give the Brazilian localization effort a boost!

GNOME Desktop 2.18: Almost 100% localized to Brazilian Portuguese

Been working hard with the GNOME Brazilian team to finish up the translation effort in time for 2.18. With the release date just around the corner, it is almost time to reap what we have sown:

Language TeamDocumentation (% translated)User Interface (% translated)
Arabic0% (130/8/23855)99% (36988/0/3)
British English32% (7912/0/16081)99% (36988/0/3)
French74% (17962/128/5903)99% (36988/0/3)
Portuguese0% (0/0/23993)99% (36988/0/3)
Swedish67% (16198/146/7649)99% (36988/0/3)
Brazilian Portuguese19% (4794/811/18388)99% (36928/20/43)
Catalan0% (144/1/23848)99% (36837/90/64)
Korean0% (54/18/23921)99% (36785/2/204)
Vietnamese0% (195/6/23792)99% (36707/111/173)
German3% (819/76/23098)99% (36704/120/167)

As you can see, the joined effort put together by the GNOME and Ubuntu Brazilian localization team has paid off, and though the documentation is not in the same level as the user interface, it is something we will be dealing with in the very next iteration. With 99% (36928/20/43) done, where 20 strings are marked as doubtfull and 43 without a translation, we should be 100% in no time!

More ways to test GNOME 2.17.92

Now you can test GNOME 2.17.92 using QEMU, Microsoft VHD, and VMware.

These images will be generated periodically so that you’ll always have the latest, bleeding edge GNOME to play with! So if you’re involved with documentation, translation, or development for the GNOME Project, and don’t feel like building it yourself, this is the best form to test your work before it gets released. Get your copy here!

poEdit and translate-toolkit packaged in Foresight

Just finished packaging poEdit and the translate-toolkit for Foresight. I usually do my translations using Vim, but ultimately use these two tools to “fine tune” them before submiting them to bugzilla.

Speaking of translations, I cannot wait to see the new GNOME with 100% desktop translations in portuguese (Brazilian), thanks to a partnership between the Brazilian GNOME and Ubuntu translation teams! ;)

Live Gnome VMware Image

Want to see what the new GNOME 2.18 will be like and can’t wait for the release date? Don’t feel like rolling up your sleeves and compiling it from source? Have no fear!!!

Ken Vandine has packaged GNOME 2.17.92 as a VMware image, which can be downloaded here. Experience GNOME (in english only for now) with all of its components packed into a mere 362 MB, including VMware Tools!!! All of this goodness thanks to the powers of Conary!


Next, more localized and Live CDs… ;)

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